Ole Glory CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program subscribing to the theory of constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. Our vision at Ole Glory is to provide longevity and the capability to remain active for years to come. Our mission is to help people move better, whether at a park playing with their kids or competing in The CrossFit Games. We place great emphasis on mobility and the lost fitness phenomena, flexibility. Our gym is about inclusion and creating a family oriented environment with others who have similar fitness and life goals. Walk through our doors and you will be hooked. Come and see for yourself. 

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Email: info@oleglorycrossfit.com

Phone: 337-354-7999

Online Waiver

Before on-ramp or attending a class, please fill out our online waiver below:



WheelPay, a transaction software, both donates to charity every single time you use it and it also offers our members some very unique features. A percentage of each purchase will be donated directly to the Navy SEAL Foundation.The Navy SEAL Foundation provides immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare community and its families.  

Below are the steps to downloading and joining the app.

The Apple version of the WheelPay app can be found here.

The Android version of the WheelPay app can be found here.

Where to find us?

We are located at 425 Saint Deporres Street, Broussard, Louisiana 70518. 

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  1. Hi! I am inquiring about your fees for on ramp and once we become a member. It would be two of us signing up. A second question, I have wanted to sign up for crossfit for a while, but other crossfit gyms were a bit fanatical about religion. We are a same sex couple and want a judge free gym, is this your gym? I have served in the military for almost 20 years and this old gal is getting fluffy.


  2. Where is Ole Glory located? The 2nd street address building looks vacant. Are there classes or program for older people who would be beginners?


    • It’s not quite a daycare but we have an area that is gated in with lots of toys. You can see your child while working out.


  3. Beau and Natalie,
    You should name the one in Broussard “Revolution” and the one in New Iberia “United” as you are uniting the revolution of personal fitness into a mindset and way of life.


  4. We are moving to Broussard and I am looking for gym options. I am in my mid fifties and had a shoulder injury that sidelined me for a bit. I have never participated in Crossfit. What could I expect as a beginner in your program?


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