Parallette Strength

Parallette Strength
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Agility Ladder (Warm-Up) (No Measure)

Bunny Hop



Scissor (Left/Right)

High Knees

Heel to Butt

Dynamic Stretches (No Measure)

Dynamic Core

Dynamic Quad

Roll-up Straight-Leg

Roll-up Wide-Leg

Roll-up Butterfly


Metcon (No Measure)

5×5 Parallette Push-Ups

3x30s L-Sit

3x30s Straddle L-Sit (Single leg) Each Side

5×3 Tuck to Planche Hold

5×3 Straddle Press to Handstand


(No Measure)

Straddle Stretch

Frog Stretch

In-Step Stretch

Quadriceps Stretch

Right/Left Split Stretch

Chest Stretch

Shoulder Mobility

Hip Mobility

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