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KIDS – Dodgeball (No Measure)

Let’s play a friendly game of Dodgeball!

Dynamic Stretches (No Measure)

Dynamic Core

Dynamic Quad

Roll-up Straight-Leg

Roll-up Wide-Leg

Roll-up Butterfly


(No Measure)

Couch Stretch

Olympic Wall Squat (p.343)


5 Rep Max Back Squat

Find a 5 rep max Back Squat.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

AMRAP in 10 minutes of:

1 Leg Blaster

1 Leg Blaster = 10 Air Squats, 10 In place lunges, 10 jump squats, 10 jumping lunges

Cool Down

Partner (Cool Down) (No Measure)


Lateral Neck Stretch

Rotating Neck Stretch

Behind the back Chest Stretch

Lying Leg Cross-Over Stretch

Lying Cross-Over Knee Pull-Down Stretch

Straddle Stretch

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