Testy Tuesday!

Testy Tuesday!
June 19, 2017 No Comments WOD oleglorycrossfit

Wear long Socks!

EMOM for 12 Minutes:
1 Squat Clean and Split Jerk
80%+ 1RM clean and jerk

EMOM for 12 Minutes:
30 Double Unders
30′ Handstand Walk
1 Rope Climbs or 5 Strict Pull ups

EMOM for 12 Minutes:
20 Double Unders
4 Wall Walks or 20 Shoulder Taps
1 Rope Climb or 5 Strict Pull ups with Band

EMOM for 12 Minutes:
60 Single Unders
20′ Bear Crawl
3 Seated Rope Climbs or 12 Ring Rows

Rotate through movements OTM.

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