Monster Mash Monday

Monster Mash Monday
October 21, 2018 No Comments WOD oleglorycrossfit


It’s Monster Mash Monday – Dress Up in your scariest Halloween Costume! Join in on the Dress Up fun all week long!!!

RED (RX+):
For Time:
10 Wall Climbs
20 Strict Handstand Push-ups
30 Parallette Pass-Throughs
40 Pull-ups
50 Box Jump-overs (24/20 in.)
60 GHD Hip Extensions
70 Double-unders

For Time:
10 Wall Climbs
20 Handstand Push-up
30 Parallette Pass-Throughs
40 Pull-ups
50 Box Jump-overs (24/20 in.)
60 Barbell Good Mornings
70 Double-unders

For Time:
20 Get down get-ups
20 Pike Push-up
30 Parallette Kick-Backs
40 Ring Rows
50 Box Step-overs
60 Banded Good Mornings
70 Single-unders

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