Kimberly Stringer

Our August Athlete of the Month at Ole Glory CrossFit is Mrs. Kimberly Stringer. Kim began her CrossFit journey in October of 2011 with her husband, Keith Stringer. When lifting weights at a big gym wasn’t cutting it anymore, she started searching for workout classes on the internet and came across Ole Glory CrossFit. At this time, Kim worked a stressful job teaching in a lower income school and needed more intense workouts that could provide a great stress reliever. “I feel like CrossFit helped me get through the first years of teaching.” Both Kim and her husband have attended OG off and on throughout the years and states, “we have not found anything that is more effective than CrossFit.”

Although Kim doesn’t quite remember her first true CrossFit WOD, she does recall that it contained a ton of push presses. “I could barely lift my arms the next day.” Over the years her arms have gotten stronger and she can now perform unassisted kipping pull-ups, one of her biggest accomplishments thus far. This is a major milestone for Kim as she claims that body weight exercises do not come easily for her. Her future goals include consistently being able to perform pull-ups and push-ups and maybe one day execute a bar muscle up. 

Kim led an active lifestyle growing up and partook in softball, basketball and cheerleading as a child. She has the determination and drive to become a better athlete. She challenges herself and is consistent in our 12:00 noon class. This past year Kim has really made huge improvements at the gym. She helped lead her Open team to victory by out performing many of the OG females. Way to go Kim!!

Since starting CrossFit Kim has seen a positive change in her body composition. With the help of nutrition and exercise she was able to shed some weight and build lean muscle. She feels better during her workouts and really enjoys anything that includes a kettle bell, even Turkish Get Ups! She recently completely her favorite WOD, Murph, on Memorial Day. “It was cool to do a WOD with everyone in support of our fallen soldiers.”

In Kim’s everyday normal life she is 34 years young and married to Keith Stringer. Together they have one little boy named Kale who is four years old. She worked as a teacher for seven years before deciding to be a stay at home mom. Her hobbies include reading, camping with family and traveling. 

When we asked Kim what her favorite part about Ole Glory is she stated the community. We love having you as part of the OG family, Kim!

If you are interested in giving CrossFit a try, here’s what Kim had to say, “start out slow, but keep pushing yourself so that you continue to get stronger.” Hard work pays off! Keep it up Kim!

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