Proactive vs Reactive Healthcare

Proactive vs Reactive Healthcare
October 2, 2019 No Comments Wisdom Wednesday oleglorycrossfit

Healthcare has been a subject discussed heavily in recent years throughout the media and in political circles in terms of its outrageous cost and strain on our economy. Healthcare costs are rising and will likely continue to rise. The issue lies in the type of healthcare practiced and the fact that the food industry is contaminated with foods that are simply not “real” nutritious food. Also, the foods that are not “real” are backed by billions in advertising claiming their worth. The fact is, these foods are causing major health problems and doctors, along with the pharmaceutical industry, are standing by, waiting to prescribe plenty of medication at a premium price and send you on your way until the next visit when it is time to renew your prescription.

The healthcare that I speak if is reactive healthcare. Most of society will simply abuse their bodies with a variety of substances and then when those substances (yes, even certain types of food), lead to illness, it’s off to see a doctor who will only prescribe more medication and ignore the real issues at hand. It seems that medical professionals in our society are solely taught to treat illness instead of preventing it. In terms of physical activity, most people in our society wait until there is a problem before doing what is necessary to preserve their bodies. We will all get older and our bodies need proper care. 

Luckily, we all have the power to change this. We can practice proactive healthcare. However, ideas such as regular exercise and proper nutrition seem to fall under the category of luxuries. People will make excuses about how they don’t have time to take for diet and exercise. The fact is, regular exercise and proper nutrition are necessary in terms of immune support and keeping our bodies functional through our later years. If we don’t make time for wellness, we will have to make time for illness. Also, for the population that is physically active, the practice of proper warm-up, mobility, stretching, proper rest can play a part in avoiding injury, which is also a form of proactive healthcare. Make time for yourself, make time for self-care, make time for physical activity, make time for proper nutrition and give yourself a better chance to avoid illness and injury and live a long, productive, functional life!

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