The Benefits of Omegas

The Benefits of Omegas
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Omega 3 fatty acids derived from fish oil are widely known for their benefits ranging from lowering cholesterol, improving cardiovascular and heart health, boosting mood and elevating alertness, and for their anti-inflammatory effects. Their heart-healthy reputation comes from the active ingredients EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) ability to lower blood triglycerides.  

The anti-inflammatory nature of EPA and DHA are of most important to athletes who participate in intense weight training and fitness sports. These competitive athletes who’s routine and practice involves heavy strength training and plyometric workouts find themselves in a constant battle against inflammation arising from training. EPA in particular combats inflammation by blocking key enzymes responsible for the inflammation response to training.

Purchasing fish oil can be tricky, most fish oils show on the front of the label the milligrams per capsule. The capsules range from 1200 – 1500 mg in volume. Don’t be tricked by the size of the capsule, this only tells you the amount or volume that particular product holds. The active ingredient, as you learned is the EPA and DHA found in the fish oil. For this information, you need to read the back of the bottle under nutrition facts. Turn over the majority of your big box stores house brand and you will find something like 75mg EPA, 25mg DHA.

At Ole Glory, you can find Driven Nutrition’s Omega Drive. Take a look at the nutrition facts on a bottle of OmegaDrive and you will see 360mg of EPA and 240mg DHA, 6 times that of the big box brand!

On another note, fish goes bad. This is a fact we are all aware of when consuming sushi or our favorite seafood dish. However, we seem to be okay with our fish oil capsules having a horrible fish smell! You wouldn’t eat fish that smelled like that if it was served to you at a restaurant, so why would you accept it in a pill you swallow?  Natural vitamin E and Sesame oil have been added to each capsule of OmegaDrive to enhance its effectiveness and act as a preservative. When you open a bottle of Driven Nutrition OmegaDrive you will be pleasantly surprised to notice the absence of odor.

To further avoid the unpleasant taste or “fish burps” associated with taking Omega 3’s they have added a drop of lemon oil to each capsule. Now you can get all the benefits with not of the drawbacks! Driven has provided their customers and athletes with the highest quality supplements on the market. Their standards can be seen in every product they produce and OmegaDrive is no exception! Get with a coach today and place an order!

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