Noah Leber

Ole Glory’s Athlete of the Month is Mr. Noah Leber! Noah’s CrossFit journey began when he was just 13 years old. His mom was the first to try out a CrossFit class and decided to bring her oldest three children to try it out as well. Noah states “it was really hard, but so much fun!” He remembers his first ever CrossFit workout containing a cash out of 100 sit-ups. “I died. It took me a little over 12 minutes and my mom finished way before me!! It’s really funny to see how far I’ve come cause now my 100 sit-up time is around 2:17!”

Noah made the switch to OG with his family in January of 2018 and he loves it! “I love the competitive aspect and how supportive everyone is. The people are genuinely nice and the coaches love seeing you get better!!”
Noah has huge goals he wants to accomplish. Long term he would like to make it to the CrossFit Games and represent OG, but until then he is striving toward a 300 lb. Clean & Jerk! Earlier this year Noah placed top 50 in both the CrossFit Open and the Qualifier. You’re definitely on the right track for the Games, Noah!

Since starting CrossFit he has seen a drastic increase in muscle mass. “I’m probably most proud of my quads.” He also suffers from asthma, but states that CrossFit has only strengthened his lungs. He enjoys lifting weights, handstand walks and toes to bar. He looks at every WOD as a challenge and faces them head.

When he’s not sweating it out at the gym he is your typical teenage boy. He is one of nine children in his family. At 17 years old, he is currently in 12th grade, so he stays pretty busy with school work. He also attends church and participates in Bible studies each week. And of course, you can find him at the gym majority of the week. “I CrossFit six days a week because that’s what I love doing! Anything that is a race or a competition I enjoy. I’m super competitive and always try to win!”

You may be surprised to know that before CrossFit, Noah only played sports casually. I guess you could say he’s naturally athletic and picked up on CrossFit movements rather easily. If you want a little competition against Noah, you can find him at our noon classes.

If you’ve thought about starting CrossFit, but you’re unsure, this is what Noah has to say, “CrossFit can seem intimidating but once you step into the gym you’ll find the coaches are fun and will always build you up. Everyone is at different levels; you won’t always be the worst or the best. It’s about being healthy and fit, building friendships and getting better! You’ll surprise yourself and be so happy with the results!”

Congrats again, Noah! You’ve got a bright future ahead of you; keep up all of your hard work!

“Think gold and never settle for silver.” -The Champion’s Mind

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