Plantains for Breakfast!

Plantains for Breakfast!
October 23, 2019 No Comments Nutrition Challenge oleglorycrossfit

Have you ever tried a plantain? They are similar in looks to a banana, but a little less on the sweet side. I often eat plantains with my breakfast. Carbs are important to have at breakfast to kick start your metabolism for the day! So these are a perfect solution! When picking out a plantain at the store, search for the ones that are turning brown. Basically the color that you wouldn’t pick for a banana is the color you want for your plantain. I simply heat up some coconut oil on the stove and pan fry them in slices. I like to slice them about a 1/4-1/2 inch thick. If you want them crispy then I would slice them a little thinner. I cook an entire plantain at once, but use it as two meals. Pair it with protein and a vegetable for a well balance meal!

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