Lisa Broussard

Lisa Broussard
November 11, 2019 No Comments Athlete of the Month oleglorycrossfit

Our November Athlete of the Month is none other than Mrs. Lisa Broussard! Her CrossFit journey started roughly six years ago when a friend bugged her about joining. At the time they lived in New Iberia so the first box they joined was Iberia CrossFit. Lisa states “the first time was a really scary experience. But I have never looked back.” There was a time about four years ago when Lisa’s husband, Chris, had some serious health issues. His physician recommended that he quit CrossFit and continue with less vigorous exercises. Lisa quit CrossFit to support him and joined a bootcamp class at a local gym. It didn’t take long before she realized that she missed her 5:30 AM crew and started attending CrossFit classes once again. When Lisa and her husband moved to Broussard in 2017 they made the switch to Ole Glory. 

Although Lisa may not remember her first WOD, she definitely recalls meeting some of the members. “Carlo and Trini Foti were there with ‘Team Foti’ shirts on. Talk about intimidating! But they were so friendly, and today we are best of friends!”

Lisa works hard and is very proud of each and every one of her accomplishments. She shows up at 6:00 AM nearly every day ready to put in the work. “I keep my goals realistic for my age! Getting the hang of double unders was a great feeling and those little PR’s with my lifts always make me happy.” In a recently conversation with Lisa she stated that she never would have imagined at her age she would love to come to the gym, load up a barbell and lift weights. 

Since beginning her CrossFit journey, Lisa states that her overall health is beyond other women her age. “I feel good every day when I wake up each morning! I contribute my physical and mental health to the fun that Chris and I have, and the great friends and coaches at CrossFit are definitely a part of that!” She hopes to continue on this journey and still be able to show up for a workout at Ole Glory when she turns 60. We know she’ll be kicking butt way past that age!

Prior to starting CrossFit, Lisa’s fitness background mostly included running. “I was an avid running, but I knew that over time running would not be best for my body.” That’s what ultimately lead her to try CrossFit. She’s developed some favorites over the years such as the assault bike, clean and jerks, and tabata style workouts. Wall balls however, didn’t make the list.

Outside of the gym Lisa is 56 years young and married to Chris Broussard. Together they have two boys, Jake and Jonah. She is the Associate Dean for the UL Lafayette College of Nursing and Allied Health Professions. She is very passionate about her job and it shows! She states how she loves seeing former and current nursing students at OG. “I am so proud of all of them!”

When it comes to Ole Glory Lisa’s favorite thing would have to be the people. “I really enjoy the social aspect of CrossFit, and Chris and I have made lifelong friends.” She also states that the location, schedule and friendly competition are also huge pluses!

If you or anyone you know is curious about starting CrossFit, here are some words of advice from Lisa, “for people that are maybe not so young but looking for a way to stay active and healthy, don’t be scared. Everything can be scaled. You will meet people that your path would never cross and feel a level of support in your fitness journey that you can’t get anywhere else!”

Congratulations again, Lisa! Thanks for being such a great role model to show that age has nothing to do with taking care of your health and fitness!

Lisa’s words to live by: “Today I get to work out” not “Today I have to work out” because you should never take your health for granted!

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