The Benefits of Whey Isolate

Here is the down low on the upside of using whey isolate. Whey is a milk product derived from cheese manufacturing. It’s uses go far beyond adding quality protein to your diet, it can be found in everything from conditioners and facial moisturizers to cake batters.

As you might expect the quality and bioavailability of whey used in cake batter and high quality whey isolate is worlds apart. The whey isolate used in the Driven whey and the IsoDrive is produced using microfiltration. This process uses filters to separate only the Isolate fractions of whey followed by a temperature neutral drying process. The whey is never given a charge, no chemicals are used and the protein is never heated. The end result is the most bio available protein on the planet!

What’s this mean for you?

IsoDrive hits your muscles fast! After a WOD your broken down muscle tissue is starving for amino acids to repair and rebuild. IsoDrive is quickly digested, flooding the muscles with an abundance of amino acids. IsoDrive is as lean as it gets when it comes to adding extra protein to your diet. It contains only one gram of sugar, one gram of carbohydrate and less than one gram of fat! Being nearly free of lactose whey Isolate is also an ideal protein for those who are sensitive to milk products and associate whey protein with gas and bloating.

When is the best time to use it?

IsoDrive can be used anytime but there are two ideal times you can get an added boost from this super protein. One is immediately upon waking up in the morning. When you sleep (and don’t eat) for long periods your body is in a catabolic (muscle wasting) state. By ingesting a fast source of protein you can quickly stop this muscle breakdown. The other time you want to take advantage of isolates fast breakdown is, as mentioned before immediately following intense strength training for quick recovery and to prevent further breakdown of muscle tissue. You don’t grow and get stronger in the gym, that process starts right after the last rep is completed. It’s up to you to make sure you have the right nutrients to create this anabolic environment.

Is it expensive?

Whey isolate does cost more than lower quality proteins but consider this. When you purchase IsoDrive® that percentages jumps to 93% pure protein! While the cost is more upfront you get more bang for your buck in terms of quality!

To recap, for high performance athletes and those wanting maximum recovery pure IsoDrive is best!

Get with an OG Coach today to get your favorite flavor on our next order in a week!

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