Coordination and Agility

This week we are back with a continuation of our ten general physical skills. These next two skills are often not a focus in training, but are a necessity in life. Coordination and agility are our topics of discussion!!

Coordination is “the ability to combine several distinct movement patterns into a singular distinct movement.” ( This is most likely a term you’ve heard all of your life. You won’t remember it, but you first heard it in your early childhood. Coordination comes into play when developing gross motor skills. Learning to walk, jump and climb all require combining multiple movements into one singular movement. When you are first learning a new skill, you may often feel jerky and awkward, like a baby learning to walk. Think back to On Ramp when you first learned the clean or snatch. How smooth was the movement? Probably not very smooth at first, but over time and with more practice, these movements became easier and you felt more “coordinated”. In the weeks and months after On Ramp class, you probably performed most of these movements with less thought about each individual step. Coordination can only be improved through practice. Over time, your muscles learn to work together and less energy is required to perform the movement. Better coordination means fewer falls and injuries in everyday life.

Agility is “the ability to minimize transition time from one movement pattern to another”. ( It’s your body’s ability to be efficient and effective in movements. How quickly can your brain tell your muscles to respond to a situation that requires a quick, change in direction. Agility training will improve your natural reflexes and your overall balance, which will allow you to remain functionally independent for many years to come. Agility is extremely important in the sports arena, but it’s often a forgotten skill for an average individual. Everyone is capable of improving their agility, but it takes lots of practice. 

Next time we have that agility ladder out at Ole Glory. Give it your best effort. Let’s see how quickly and efficiently you can move through it. 

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