Jordan Geoffroy

Ole Glory’s first Athlete of the Month for 2020 is Jordan Geoffroy! Let me start by saying that Jordan is a Dental Hygienist and Beau and Natalie just so happen to be patients of hers. It was while cleaning Beau’s teeth six years ago that Jordan was first introduced to CrossFit. At that time Jordan and her husband, Matt, had just gotten engaged and were looking for ways to shed the weight before the big day. After speaking with Beau they decided to join along with Jordan’s mom and brother. 

Their first class was on July 8, 2013 and although she doesn’t quite remember her first workout, there is one workout that stands out in her mind. That workout was 100 wall balls for time. She stated “ I was determined to do all 100, even though I was the last to finish, I felt so accomplished when I finally did.”

Since starting CrossFit, Jordan has noticed that everyday tasks seems to be easier. “I have the energy to run and play with my boys, and of course having the strength to be able to make one trip from the vehicle to the house with the groceries! haha.” 

Six years later and she’s still smashing goals! “I recently, accomplished a RX rope climb!” But overall she is most proud of reaching a goal of living a health conscious lifestyle through nutrition and exercise. “I come from a family who all have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. So I know the importance of being as healthy as I can be.” Her next goal is to achieve handstand pushups. “I set this goal with Natalie and have moved from scaling with a 45 lb. and 10 lb. plates and an abmat to a 35 lb. plate and an abmat. Small progress, but its progress.” Over the years she’s learned that she enjoys back squats and the benchmark workouts, but she’s not the biggest fan of thrusters.

In Jordan’s non-CrossFit life she is a 29 year old who is married to her high school sweetheart of 13 years, Matt, which they have been married for five. Together they have two boys, Gunner, 2 years, and Banx, 7 months. She works as a Dental Hygienist at Rider Dental and Abbeville Family Dental. When she’s not at work she said she enjoys being outside playing with the boys, spending time with family and friends, playing softball and traveling, especially to Disney World!

Jordan’s sports and fitness background included softball, volleyball and soccer throughout her life, but she stated “softball was my true love. I played travel softball from about age 7 until age 18.”

When we asked Jordan what her favorite part about OG Crossfit was she said it’s the family. “From the time we started, I knew that we would make some forever friendships. But after I went into cardiac arrest in April 2016 and spent four days in a coma, that’s when I realized we had gained a family. Nat and Beau set up a blood drive at OG to help cover hospital bills. Well, our OG family went above and beyond. So much blood was donated, that it paid my hospital bill in full, and I even had enough left over that I was able to pay off another doctor bill. It was such a humbling experience to know that people that had never met me wanted to help. And for that I will be forever grateful to my OG fam! We have been through so many things these past 6 years, happy, sad, scary and exciting and OG has been a part of it all and a huge support system to myself and my family. Not to mention that I actually get to enjoy CrossFit with my real family, my husband, mom, aunt and two cousins who are also OG members.”

If you or anyone you know is interested in starting CrossFit here are a few words of advice from Jordan: “Join! Don’t let the workouts intimidate you. You’ll be surprised at what you can do and how great you will feel once you do them. OG has an amazing group of coaches that can help you reach your goals. I love my OG family and I’ll be an OG Member for the rest of my life. Nat and Beau might have to open up an OG Crossfit gym at the nursing home when we all get there!” 

Congratulations again, Jordan! Keep up the awesome work!

“A simple life = a happy life. Life is short, so make memories, realize that your blessings will always out weigh your struggles, and live with no regrets.”

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