Chris Broussard

Chris Broussard
February 7, 2020 No Comments Athlete of the Month oleglorycrossfit

Ole Glory’s February Athlete of the Month goes to Mr. Chris Broussard. Chris first learned about CrossFit six years ago through some friends who constantly talked about how great is was. His wife, Lisa, was the first one to give it a shot. He joined her a few months later for a hero WOD. He stated “I was looking for something different than the same old gym routine. I really liked the diverse workouts.”

The first gym he went to was Iberia CrossFit since they lived in New Iberia at the time, which he says he attended off and on. However; roughly four years ago Chris went through unfortunate circumstances. Chris stated “I had serious health issues that changed my life. Two heart attacks and three stents within a six month span made my workouts a little different.” Those setbacks forced him to stop CrossFit for two years. 

When his family made the move to Broussard in 2017 they switched to Ole Glory CrossFit and he became a full time 5:00 AMer. “I missed the workouts and the people, so when we moved I decided to try it again and I’ve never looked back. I have to keep my heart rate below a set number, so I often do things at my own pace.”

Since starting CrossFit, Chris has noticed a positive change in his mobility. He stated “I know I’m stronger and able to lift more weight than I used to with proper form. Working out is also fun now and I rarely miss a day.” Chris is one of our most consistent and hard-working members!

Chris doesn’t let anything stop him from achieving new goals. “I keep my goals realistic for my age and past health issues! I strive to go a little quicker or lift more whenever I can. Just happy to be there!” His future goals include improving his double unders and being able to do handstand push-ups.

As far as Chris’ athletic background goes, he worked out at various places and would most often run several times a week. Since starting CrossFit he’s found a new love of rowing and lifting weights such as clean and jerks and back squats. Anything with numerous movements over an extended period of time are the types of workouts he looks forward to.

In Chris’ non-CrossFit life he is 51 years young and married to Lisa. Together they have two boys, Jake and Jonah. Chris works as the Career and Technical Education Supervisor for the Iberia Parish School Board, as well as the Principal of the Iberia Parish Career Center in New Iberia.

When we asked Chris what is favorite part about Ole Glory is, this is what he had to say, “That’s an easy one – the people! I truly enjoy working out with the 5:00 AM crew. The guys that attend are always funny, positive and supportive! Even though I’m the old guy they always make me feel like I’m part of the gang. Also, the location, the schedule, and the friendly members and coaches.”

If you or anyone you know is contemplating CrossFit, here are some words of advice from Chris, “Anyone thinking about CrossFit should give it a try! Workouts can be scaled for your individual level and you will see improvement. You will also meet new people and make lasting friendships. The level of support especially at OG is what separates Ole Glory CrossFit from all of the rest.”

Words to live by: “Never take what you have for granted! Life can change in an instant. Enjoy everyday like it is your last.”

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