Marc Leber

Ole Glory’s August Athlete of the Month is our youngest CrossFitter at OG, Marc Leber. Marc first learned about CrossFit when his family resided in California. His parents and three of his older siblings had been doing it for some time before he started. Marc stated “my first workout included wall balls (with an 8lb ball), GHDs and a mile run. I felt fine. I probably didn’t do the workout correctly.” The Lebers moved to Louisiana and became members at Ole Glory in 2019 just before the Open. 

Since starting CrossFit, Marc has noticed changes in the amount of muscle mass he has gained and states he has “grown exponentially in my fitness”. 

If you know Marc, then you’ll know how committed he is at the gym. Even at his young age, Marc is driven and determined to reach higher levels of excellence. Just this last year he finished 5th in both the CrossFit Open and the Online Qualifier for his age division, which earned him a spot for the upcoming CrossFit Games. With the pandemic underway, we aren’t sure when or where this leaves the fittest teens in the world to compete. Either way, Marc has big plans to compete at the Games next year in the teens 16-17 age division. 

Prior to CrossFit, Marc’s athletic background only included PE sports such as soccer and basketball. One step inside a CrossFit gym and he knew he had a new-found passion at the age of twelve. From there he excelled! Movements come easily for Marc. He picks up on them quickly and performs them proficiently. His strength is outstanding for his stature and his endurance is like no other! Many are in awe when they watch him in action.

Like every athlete, we all have our likes and dislikes when it comes to certain movements at the gym. “I don’t have any favorite workout but I do enjoy sprint workouts, mainly ones that include barbell cycling and gymnastics. My least favorite WOD was one of the 2019 Qualifier workouts that included a 4,000 meter row.” His favorite movements include anything on the rig but handstand walks are at the top of his list.

In Marc’s non-CrossFit life he is just a normal 15 year old. Although school, church and chores keep him busy, he enjoys shooting hoops, building with Legos and watching movies in his free time. He comes from a large family and is one of nine children, six boys and three girls. Two of his brothers frequently workout with him at Ole Glory, which usually results in a bit of a competition between these three. What are brothers good for if they can’t push you to be your best?!

When we asked Marc what his favorite thing about Ole Glory was, this is what he had to say “I like that the people are friendly and the coaches are good at what they do.”

We are so proud of you, Marc! Glad to have you as a part of our OG family! Keep up all of your hard work. We know the future holds great things for you!

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can chase excellence.”