Angela Bourg

38200033_10211603765921576_6206709311633096704_nOle Glory South’s August Athlete of the Month is Angela Bourg, but you can call her “Angie”. Angie’s CrossFit journey began at Iberia CrossFit when a friend of hers, Lucas Lipari, convinced her husband, G.P., to workout with him. G.P. wouldn’t agree to go unless she did as well, so they both started attending class with the “5:30 AM Badasses” and they’ve never looked back.  Despite having to use a PVC pipe as the barbell during her first week of CrossFit, she stuck with it and was able to loose 20-25 pounds, which she has continued to keep off over the years. Angie loves her morning WODs and seldom misses a day, even when the unforeseen occurs. Unfortunately, Angie suffered a knee injury while running, but she was determined to not let it interfere with her commitment to health and fitness that she even worked out the morning of her knee surgery and every day following! She pushes through any limitations she may have and finds a way to modify the workout to fit her capabilities. She sets her own goal at the beginning of each class and challenges herself to complete it. Last year throughout her knee recovery, she aimed to complete 25,000 sit ups throughout 2017 and finished ahead of schedule! Way to go, Angie!


Angie is currently 51 years old and is married to fellow cross-fitter, G.P. Bourg. She is the mother of three college students, Megan, Margaret and Joseph and works as a full-timeFamily Physician in New Iberia. When she’s not at one of her three clinic locations you can find her speaking nationwide with other doctors regarding Opioid Addiction treatments. In her downtime she enjoys offshore fishing on La Catin Dure, the boat her husband named after her, reading Harry Potter books and traveling to Disneyland with her family where they usually hit all four parks in one day. It’s a good thing they workout, everyone knows how tiring Disney can be.

Recently, Angie had a mild heart attack. Her cardiologist told her that he believes her consistent dedication to staying active and eating healthy helped to limit the damage she sustained. This past February she had a defibrillator put in. As a result, she must be very cautious of her form when performing Power Cleans to make sure she doesn’t break any of her “bionic parts”. Apart from Power Cleans, “Annie”, “Filthy Fifty”, and “Angie” are on the top of her list of favorite WODs. Plus, who doesn’t love a WOD that’s named after them? Throughout all of her years at CrossFit, her most memorable achievement was climbing the rope for the first time. “Getting to the top and not falling to the ground was an amazing feeling”. Those rope climbs have helped her complete several Warrior Dashes and she now feels prepared to climb to safety on the offshore rig ropes if she is ever thrown overboard. Angie has also completed a 39 mile walk to support Breast Cancer, along with two sprint triathlons. Her third is planned for this month, so be sure to wish her luck! Angie’s next objective is an unassisted pull-up (and she isn’t very far off).IMG_165236398103_10213044207923805_7160756620501188608_n

Prior to CrossFit, Angie’s athletic background included Volleyball and Track in high school, and bootcamp and aerobic classes as an adult. She would also walk the track or climb stadiums while her kids were at football/soccer practices. Growing up her only exposure to sports was arm wrestling, which both her mom and dad held titles! How cool is that?

When asked what she loves about OG, Angie says she enjoys the fact that Ole Glory structures their classes to accommodate anyone’s fitness ability. “I am there for the workout, not to RX or injure myself. I can perform at my level and be just as proud of the results as the Master’s RX+ athletes. (I’m talking about you 5:30 Badasses).” Her favorite quote to live by is “Set some goals. Stay quiet about them. Smash the shit out of them.Clap for your own damn self.” -L.C.

If you’re thinking about trying out CrossFit, Angie has a few words of advice for you. “Getting healthy has various definitions depending on who you ask. Most doctors educate their patients on ‘proper diet and exercise’ which can take you on many different paths. I tell my patients that you must make lifestyle changes that you can stick with. CrossFit workouts are never the same thing over and over, they keep you attentive, excited and motivated. That’s something you just can’t get with the same ole treadmill workouts you do at home. I look forward to seeing my CrossFit family every morning and being a part of the healthy paths each one of them is on.”

Keep up all of your hard work, Angie! Good luck on your upcoming Triathlon!38193543_10211590550431197_8727997028694491136_n