On Ramp

Ole Glory CrossFit offers an On Ramp Course designed specifically to help individuals learn about CrossFit. On Ramp introduces new members to the movements and workouts we do in CrossFit on a daily basis. The full course contains five private training sessions. The schedule is designed to meet your scheduling needs. Please contact Ole Glory for details regarding times and days. It is important for you to attend the five required On Ramp Classes before attending our normal CrossFit classes. The amount of time spent in On Ramp may vary from person to person depending on how quickly you catch on to the movements. Proper understanding of these various movements will help new members smoothly integrate into our regular CrossFit classes.

Once our trainers feel like you have the basic knowledge and mechanics necessary to excel in our normal CrossFit classes, you will ‘graduate’ from On Ramp. Upon graduation, you will have full access to our Ole Glory CrossFit schedule, which means you can attend any class time that works for you. We encourage all of our new members to be patient and take their time to build a good foundation through On Ramp.  A solid foundation of the basics is crucial to our program and your future success. For more information regarding getting started with On Ramp please contact Ole Glory CrossFit or simply register for On Ramp here:

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