Fall Into Fitness Nutrition Challenge

Fall Into Fitness Nutrition Challenge

Did you know that an average person gains 7-10 pounds of additional weight during the holiday months? The holidays are a time meant to spend with family and friends; not to pack on the pounds!! Don’t let that happen to you! Let us spend 6 weeks teaching you tons of healthy habits that can help you avoid those extra holiday pounds!

Our 6 week “Fall Into Fitness” Nutrition Challenge begins on October 7th! For $99, this nutrition challenge will provide you with:

  • Weekly Nutrition Challenge Goals
  • Bi-Weekly Weigh In and Measurements
  • Daily Health Tips
  • 5 Recipe Discussions and Tips EACH Week (30 in total)
  • Mini-Workout Weekday Challenges
  • 35 Page Healthy Eating Guide
  • Daily Accountability from Coaches and Other Participants

What’s holding you back? That’s equivalent to only three Pumpkin Spice Lattes a week. Give up on the lattes (all that extra sugar is bad for you anyways) and spend it on improving your health! Let’s “Fall Into Fitness” together!!

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