Jamie Segura

Jamie Segura

If nothing changes, nothing changes. -Courtney C. Stevens

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Youth Empowerment Systems Certified
  • Nutrition Coach
  • CrossFit Judge

Jamie Segura is our part-time coach here at Ole Glory CrossFit coaching mainly our 8:45 am CrossFit class and our 9:45 am Burn Ladies Only class on Monday mornings. 

She has participated in CrossFit for the past 8 years. Her journey began in 2011 when she gained enough courage to finally give it a shot. Her sister initially joined their local box which quickly made Jamie realize how non-intimidating CrossFit is. Since everything is scalable to any and all fitness levels, she was able to adjust each workout to her own specific needs. In 2014 she moved to Broussard from New Iberia; however, she continued to attend classes at her original gym in order to workout with friends and family until 2017 when her husband made the switch to Ole Glory CrossFit. 

Jamie is married to her husband of 7 years, Mike Segura. She is a momma to 2 handsome boys, Luke, age 10 and Graham, age 5. Like all moms, Jamie sometimes wears more than one hat at a time, including chauffeur, personal chef and baseball cheerleader. If you need a trim she can help you out in that department as well since she is also a hairdresser! Is there anything this woman can’t do?!

Jamie has always shown a deep interest in becoming a CrossFit coach from the very beginning, but the time just never seemed to be quite right. Roughly 6 years ago, on the day she decided to sign up for the CrossFit Level 1 Course, she found out that she was expecting. She says that God had bigger plans for her then. 

Her love of CrossFit has evolved over the years. There is always the exhilarating feeling at the beginning, the butterflies, the rush, the way the workouts leave you on the floor completely exhausted, yet accomplished when you properly push yourself. Very quickly the camaraderie of the CrossFit community is added to your love of the sport. The type of people that CrossFit attracts are generally like-minded, health conscious and dedicated individuals. When presented with a challenge they possess the perseverance to accomplish the task at hand inside and outside of the gym. There is just no other community like it!

Jamie has a thirst for knowledge and is eager to learn more regarding Olympic lifts, methodology and wants to be able to contribute more towards the CrossFit community.

Favorite Benchmark WOD: Filthy Fifty
Favorite Movement: Bar Muscle Ups
Favorite Lift: Overhead Squat

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