Joseph Rogers

22050357_10209584405626187_1855471603327589821_nOur Ole Glory Athlete of the Month for November is Mr. Joseph Rogers. Joe’s CrossFit journey began at CrossFit Lafayette in 2012. He initially learned about CrossFit through a couple of guys he worked out with at Red Lerilles’ in Lafayette. They would discuss the WODs and how incredibly sore they would be following these workouts. Around that time Joe was getting bored with the regular gym atmosphere and decided to give it a try himself.

Joe’s first official WOD was “Fran”. Looking back now he regrets doing that as his very first workout because it took him forever to finish. He figured since he played basketball and worked out on a regular basis he would be able to complete the workout with ease; however, this wasn’t the case. He felt like “garbage” afterwards. “Plain and simple, Fran is horrible!”22050269_10209584376305454_1188209360817551940_n

It wasn’t until the summer of 2015 that Joe signed up for a punch card at Ole Glory CrossFit. He recalls deadlifting with Beau on one of the first days he attended OG. The workout involved increasing weight over a certain amount of prescribed sets. “Let’s just say the weight we did was heavy and Beau was a lot stronger back then.” Since then, Joe has found a love for rowing. Who wouldn’t love rowing with legs like Joe’s?! A future goal of his is to handstand walk, as well as beat some of his personal record times on the rower. Currently his favorite WOD is Fight Gone Bad, which of course includes rowing.

Over the years, Joe has noticed “gainz” in his thighs and glutes which has altered the way he has to purchase his jeans and workout attire. “I guess I can only buy Lulu shorts now…dangit!” CrossFit has also taught Joe how to make more contentious decisions regarding his diet. He is more self-aware of the types of foods he chooses to eat. “Cooking at home has become the norm. It’s something I enjoy and passing that tradition down to our kids is a plus as well.”

IMG_2227In Joe’s everyday non-CrossFit life he is a 39 year old father and husband. He is married to Crystal Rogers, who is also a member of Ole Glory CrossFit, and together they have two children, Hunter, 11 and Avery who is 8. When he isn’t in the gym he is managing a team of claims representatives in Louisiana and Texas for Progressive Insurance. “And no, Flo is not my boss.” Joe and Crystal are also the owners of the Silver Suitcase in Lafayette. “Crystal really runs the whole operation and has done an amazing job over the past 9-10 years we’ve owned it.” He states that he’s only there for moral support or to move furniture whenever she needs.

One of Joe’s favorite things to do is watch his kids participate in whatever sport they may be partaking in, whether it be basketball, soccer or volleyball. They love taking family trips every chance they get, which is at least 2-3 times a year. Given Joe’s busy work and family schedule, it doesn’t leave much time for any of his hobbies.IMG_5250

When we asked Joe what his favorite thing about OG is, this is what he had to say. “I love the family dynamic at Ole Glory. Beau and Natalie treat everyone like they are a part of their immediate family. They have managed to create an environment where members come to go through grueling and painful hour long WODs and somehow convinced those people to continue to come back day after day for more. It says a lot about their character and drive to make Ole Glory a place where people walk through the metal roll up door and smile when they see their friends waiting to workout with them. I know most everyone texts in a group or to individuals ‘what time are you going to OG today?’ or some variation of that. It’s part of our daily routine and quite honestly I set the majority of my day around when I am going workout. I know, for me at least, I wouldn’t put this much time and effort into CrossFit if not for OG being OG.”

Some words of advice Joe had for anyone curious about getting started with CrossFit is to just give it a fair chance. “It can be intimidating walking into a gym where people are jumping on boxes, swinging from the rig or rings and yelling when they are lifting heavy weight. If you give it a fair shot and go in with the mindset that this will help you reach a goal you’ve set, because you wouldn’t be giving it a try unless you had some sort of goal in mind, then CrossFit can be the catalyst for reaching those goals.” Congratulations again, Joe! Keep up all of your hard work!

“100%. 110% is impossible. Only idiots recommend that.” – Ron Swanson Parks and Rec.