Justin LaBiche

IMG_5468It’s June, which means this will be our final Athlete of the Month for Ole Glory South. We have decided to give this honor to Mr. Justin LaBiche. Justin first began CrossFit nearly four years ago at the former Iberia CrossFit. He had a few friends that convinced him to give it a try instead of going to a conventional gym. Even though he doesn’t quite remember his first WOD, he says “it most likely kicked my ass.” When Ole Glory took over in 2017 he made the switch to South.

Most of the CrossFit movements came easily for Justin. If any movements presented themselves as too difficult, then he would work on these weaknesses until he mastered them. Four years into CrossFit and there aren’t many movements Justin hasn’t conquered. His goal from here on out is to continue to improve all around.

Justin is pretty competitive in nature and is always looking for a little in-house motivation from some of his closest friends. They keep each other on their toes and it gives them the push to get that extra rep during the workout. They usually pair up and participate in Ole Glory’s Spring Fling event that is held annually. “My team placed first for our first Spring Fling competition. My team also won for the Open during my first year with OG.”IMG_7559

Although Justin’s endurance, strength and stamina has increased over the years, he says he hasn’t seen any major changes in his physical appearance since he began CrossFit.

Justin is drawn to the weights and says his favorite CrossFit workout is the Bear Complex. “It has always been my favorite because it tests your strength for more than one movement in a single rep.” When it comes to other workouts, “12 Days of Christmas was always fun”. Clovis on the other hand is by far his least favorite since it consists of straight cardio with a whole lot of running and burpees.IMG_9914

Regarding his athletic background, Justin played football in high school, but switched to softball after graduation and has been playing ever since.

In Justin’s everyday life he is 27 years old and is employed with Metal Shark. In his free time he enjoys “fishing, hunting, along with other outdoor activities such as snowboarding, hiking, and tinkering with cars, you know…MAN S***!”

We asked Justin what his favorite thing about Ole Glory South was and he stated “they are like family.” They’ve helped him to live by one of his favorite quotes, “never be complacent with where you are, always strive to be better.”

If you are thinking about giving Ole Glory a shot, this is what Justin had to say, “do it! I have yet to meet someone who has started and didn’t end up loving it!”

Congrats again, Justin! We admire all of your hard word and dedication! Keep it up!