Lynzie Blanchard

IMG_1455Ole Glory’s Athlete of the month for May is Mrs. Lynzie Blanchard. Lynzie first began CrossFit in October of 2016. Her friends, Mandi and Jordan Simoneaux, swore by it which peaked her and her husband’s interest. Her husband started at Ole Glory before she did, but states “I wasn’t far behind.” As for her first WOD, she remembers “almost passing out and Beau had to get me a banana. Must have not been too bad, I’m still here.”

Since joining at Ole Glory, Lynzie has not only noticed positive changes in her physical appearance, but mentally and emotionally as well. “Not only do I eat better, I feel better and have become a better version of myself.” CrossFit plays a huge role in the Blanchard’s household. Their son, loves to go to the gym with them and she hopes he grows to love CrossFit as much as they do.IMG_1451

Lynzie is a hard working athlete and isn’t afraid to put in the work. She aims high and is always up for a challenge. Since joining Ole Glory, Lynzie has acquired many new skills and movements. Her favorite movement is the ring muscle up, which she recently accomplished stringing a few of them together. Way to go!! Next on her list is performing a body weight snatch. She enjoys the benchmark workout, Fran which is 21-15-9 pull-ups and thrusters. The Open WOD 19.1 was her least favorite to date which was 15 minutes of 19 wall balls and 19 calories on the rower. Talk about a leg burner!

Growing up, Lynzie participated in a variety of sports and says “I was always an athletic person and played every sport in the book. My favorite sport was soccer.” 

IMG_1452In her everyday life, Lynzie is 29 years old and married to Cole Blanchard. Together they have one son named Jack. She works as a Realtor for Van Eaton & Romero on The Get Sold Team. Hit her up if you want to buy/sell a home.

When we asked what her favorite part of Ole Glory is she responded with “the people!” She says “if you’re thinking about starting CrossFit you have to remember that we all have to start somewhere. Do not be afraid to try something new. One of God’s greatest gifts to us is the joy of trying again, for no failure ever need be final.”

Congratulations again, Lynzie! Keep up all of your hard earned work!IMG_1450