Mike Segura

IMG_0975Ole Glory South’s Athlete of the Month for April goes to Mike Segura. Mike’s CrossFit journey began back in 2013 when he decided he wanted to be nice and spend more time with his wife, Jamie, while doing what she enjoyed. They were both initially members at the former Iberia CrossFit, but made the transition to Ole Glory in 2017. Of course Mike can’t remember his first WOD, he can barely remember what he ate for lunch yesterday. “It probably felt like a train hit me afterwards.”

Mike is a hard-headed, go-getter. Although he doesn’t always listen, he always strives to be the best. Competitive in nature, as most men are, he enjoys challenging his friends to beat each other’s scores on the daily. You can usually find him stalking the Whiteboard on Wodify to see what score he needs to beat for the day. Hard work day in and day out helped him reach his goals one by one. All it took was a little focus and dedication to get to where he wanted to be. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your progress.

IMG_0980Mike’s athletic background included baseball during his youth years. He stated he was always “athletic-ish”, but since starting CrossFit he is more “fit-ish”. He is also more conscious of what he eats these days.

In regards to movements and workouts, hang squat cleans (it’s the less painful one lol) and Hollyman are some of his favorites, but he despises Fran. Who doesn’t despise Fran, right?


In Mike’s non-CrossFit life he is 37 years old and is employed with VAM USA. He is married to Jamie Segura and has two sons, Luke, 9 and Graham, 3. In his free time he enjoys being outdoors, especially hunting.

He loves the members here at OG and if you are interested he encourages you to give it a shot. “When you think you can’t, you can. It’s only a choice…”

Love him or hate him, OG wouldn’t be the same without our “Mouth of the South”, Mike Segura. We like to describe him as a pain in the ass with a huge heart! After all, he doesn’t give a s*** him. We love ya Mike 🙂

“Your body can withstand almost anything, it’s your mind you have to convince. #idgasm”

Great job, Mike!