Craig Duval

32266479_10103192519058490_8025815600020324352_oOur Ole Glory South’s September Athlete of the Month is Craig Duval. Craig first began CrossFit in March of 2015 at the former Iberia CrossFit. His friends, Mike and Jamie Segura, had been active in the CrossFit community for a while so he decided to give it a shot since he felt “out of shape” and was “gaining weight”. Although Craig doesn’t quite remember his first WOD, he does recall his inability to finish the workout which left him sprawled out on the floor thirsting for more. He immediately became addicted and began a routine of working out five to six days a week. Eventually Craig developed healthier eating habits and was able to reach his weight loss goal of 55 lbs. With his continued drive and determination he has been able to keep the weight off. In July of 2017 he joined our OGCF family and has been at the top of the leaderboard since then. He definitely gives the young ones a run for their money!!

While it may seem that CrossFit comes second nature to Craig, not everything was as effortless in the beginning. It took a lot of time and perseverance to get to where he is today. Even though Craig has excessive strength, his mobility was lacking. Something as simple as squatting below parallel was a huge challenge for him, but with a little patience and lots of stretching he was able to correct his form.48244674-BA39-4251-9810-284AFFC14216

As a teenager, Craig stayed active with soccer throughout his high school years. He also played rugby and soccer on an enlisted Navy team that allowed him to travel all around the world. These sports require coordination, speed and agility which has helped Craig excel in the sport of CrossFit.

One of Craig’s biggest ambitions was to make it to Regionals one day, even if it meant competing in the Masters division. As many of you have read, Greg Glassman has allegedly discontinued the CrossFit Regionals. Although Craig has the potential to complete on that level, without the Regional event he may have to find other means of making it to the top…maybe a Sanctioned CrossFit Event in Craig’s future??

Craig is 34 years of age and works for VAM-USA as a Senior Field Service Rep where he has been employed for nine years. When he’s not working or CrossFitting he enjoys hunting and fishing in his downtime.

32313581_10103192478774220_4258059473794367488_oWhen it comes to favorite movements, Craig’s include Back Squats, Snatches and Muscle Ups. Holleyman is his favorite WOD which consists of 30 rounds for time of five Wall Balls, three Handstand Push Ups and one Power Clean at 225#. Of course he has his dislikes such as Karen, but who really enjoys 150 Wall Balls anyways?!

The number one thing Craig likes about our gyms are the people who are a part of OGCF. Having access to two Ole Glory CrossFit boxes has allowed him to meet new and exciting faces. For anyone who is debating if they should give CrossFit a try, here is what Craig had to say “you owe it to yourself to at least try to be a better version of yourself, grind, work hard, don’t feel sorry for yourself, and stick with it. If you truly want it there isn’t a way you won’t see results.”

32567487_10103192474233320_8257313525525905408_oWe admire all of your hard work Craig! With that final note we’ll leave you with one of his favorite quotes “with ideas it is like with dizzy heights you climb: At first they cause you discomfort and you are anxious to get down, distrustful of your own powers; but soon the remoteness of the turmoil of life and the inspiring influence of the altitude calm your blood; your steps get firm and sure and you begin to look-for dizzier heights.” -Nikola Tesla