Tammy Luke-Watson

IMG_1583Ole Glory South’s Athlete of the Month for May goes to Tammy Luke-Watson. Tammy first learned about CrossFit several years ago’s from her son, Justin LaBiche. “He had a passion for it. I would listen to him talk of the workouts and meal prep, and could see how much he enjoyed the fellowship of it all. My daughter, Elizabeth, joined and she was hooked as well.” During this time Tammy had a gym membership, but she slowly started realizing it didn’t have the same fire and motivation that her kids talked of with CrossFit. “I wanted more from a workout than my regular routine, and so it began, my husband and I both joined.” Although it has only been a year since she has joined, she states she loves it and enjoys seeing her progress! She recalls being very sore after her first “real” workout. “Honestly, I couldn’t understand why I kept wanting to go back for more, but I was determined.”

Determined is an understatement! Tammy attends our 5:45 PM class at OG South and comes in ready to learn something new. She has a smile on her face and always gives 110% every workout. Because of this she has surpassed her own expectations. “One of the personal goals I have met was when I finished a heavy running workout. I hate running and was never able to run far, but that day we did a rotation of running 400 meters, rowing, then running again for 3 rounds. Actually, it was just a few weeks ago. Justin was yelling at me to finish, then Natalie joined him. She could tell I was getting tired, but believed in me to see the end. Robbie, my husband, was there cheering me on too. I finished only seconds after the clock stopped, but it was the best accomplishment!! When Natalie told me that all the rowing and running was a 5K my eyes lit up and I had the biggest grin on my face! That was my favorite WOD because of my goal.” We love hearing stories like this when our athletes reach the goals they set for themselves! Great job on your recent accomplishment, Tammy!IMG_0226

Since starting at Ole Glory CrossFit Tammy has noticed inches lost in her waist, as well as, a gradual increase in her weight lifting which is exciting since her athletic background does not include many sports. She states she maintained her weight over the years through diet rather than exercise. Since exercise and weightlifting are all very new to her, she states, “I only compete against myself and I am extra careful.” It takes practice, but Tammy is improving every day. She even has some favorite movements on her list which include push press and kettlebell swings. 

In Tammy’s non-CrossFit life she is 52 years young and married to Robbie Watson. She has 2 children, Justin and Elizabeth, and a step child who is more like family than anything. She works as a full time Realtor with Van Eaton & Romero out of the New Iberia office. “I am on the Get Sold Team with 7 other amazing ladies. They always say you should love what you do and it is an internal drive for me to help people. It’s long hours, but I still love it.”

When she is not working all of those long hours, Tammy states she “enjoys eating out with family and friends, partaking in some of the culture of Louisiana, depending on the season, it might include listening to a great band or enjoying a lazy sunny day. On the weekends that I can totally unplug from technology, there might be a trip to the camp in Grand Isle. There is something so relaxing about the water and just taking it all in. I also enjoy an occasional shopping day with my mom and daughter.”

When we asked Tammy what her favorite thing about Ole Glory was, this is what she had to say. “I started just a year ago and have thoroughly enjoyed everything about Ole Glory. Natalie and Beau impressed me with their drive to help a person obtain their goals. The coaches are caring and push you to be better. Most days it’s the coaches cheering me on, other days it’s my kids, my husband or the other fellow gym mates encouraging words that pull me through.” Just goes to show you the effect your encouraging words can have on another individual in class. Be mindful of that the next time you’re in class.IMG_1580

If you are interested in getting started at Ole Glory here are some words of advice from Tammy. “My advice for a beginner at CrossFit would be that you can do it at ANY age!!!! The coaches will adjust the workout to YOUR personal level and are very helpful with the technique of the workouts. Can I do it all? Of course not, but I am better than I was 1 year ago and I will be better as long as I continue my CrossFit personal journey at Ole Glory South!! Thank you Ole Glory for believing in me!!” 

Thanks for being an awesome member of our CrossFit family, Tammy! Keep up all of your hard work, it’s definitely paying off!