Celise Guidry

FXPhotoStudioExportedImage 2Celise Guidry

Celise Guidry is a resident of Lafayette and has been a member at Ole Glory since September 2012. She was introduced to OGCF through a mutual friend and member. After joining, she realized how much she loved the concept of getting stronger without using your normal everyday gym machines. She loved the idea of community and the friendly atmosphere. She was impressed how everyone encouraged one another and it motivated her to push harder than normal. She enjoys WODs that involve cardio and squats, but despises anything with thrusters!

Celise’s education led her to earn her Level 1 CrossFit Trainer Certification, CrossFit Kids Training Certification, and CrossFit Weightlifting Certification. She is currently studying Exercise Science at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and realized that a hands on approach would enhance her knowledge and technical skills while helping others. After obtaining her Level 1, Celise traveled to Park City, Utah to attend the CrossFit Kids Training Certification at CrossFit Park City, owned by the CrossFit Legend, Chris Spealler. Celise is our primary Kids Trainer at Ole Glory. She works with kids ranging from three years of age to seventeen years. She enjoys coaching the little ones because every day is unique and they are extremely enthusiastic to learn burpees and other movements that most adults dread. She describes our teens as eager, determined and interested to learn. She admires their constant improvement.

Celise’s advice to anyone starting CrossFit is to be patient and focus on technique before anything else. She stresses that you don’t have to be “fit” to start!

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