Daina Lanclos

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Daina Lanclos is a resident of Lafayette and has been a member of Ole Glory CrossFit since April 2012. He began CrossFit in a friend’s garage gym approximately one year before joining Ole Glory. His first visit to OGCF was for the Grand Opening and joined soon thereafter. Daina was never big into sports growing up. He played a little basketball in junior high, but didn’t play much in high school. After high school, he joined the National Guard and consistently maintained a PT score of 250 or above. He enjoyed fitness while in the guard and graduated from basic as a distinguished honor grad by maintaining a GPA above 97%. Unfortunately, Daina was involved in an accident during a field training exercise and fractured his T4 vertebra. Due to the accident, he later received an honorary discharge from the Louisiana National Guard. After his accident Daina’s fitness declined and he lost motivation to train. He began driving trucks and training other drivers, but his back pain from the accident was too painful to endure. He currently works as a Customer Service Representative at Precision Heliparts in Lafayette.

Years later, a friend harangued him about doing CrossFit and after about six months he conceded to the nagging. Since starting CrossFit, he no longer suffers from constant back pains caused by the accident. He has strengthened the muscles from the injury, which has helped the healing process. CrossFit has also helped him in other ways. Daina’s old life was the life of a recluse. He went home after work to play PS3, smoke cigarettes and have a few beers. He never went out with friends, but nowadays, you rarely find Daina at home. He is constantly out with friends, at the gym or finding something fun to do! He no longer smokes and he is usually the life of the party!

Daina obtained his Level 1 CrossFit Trainer certification in January 2013 and has been coaching at OG since. He has also obtained his CrossFit Weightlifting Certification.  In April 2014, he attended the “Can You Hack It?” Seminar at UTE CrossFit in Salt Lake City. While at the seminar, Daina, along with Beau, trained with top games competitor Tommy Hackenbruck. Throughout the weekend they completed a one hour row, Team Murph and hiked a mountain. The weekend was a long, fun and mentally-draining experience.

You can normally find Daina participating in the 4:30 pm class and then training the rest of the evening classes. He also trains in Ole Glory’s On Ramp classes. His favorite WODs involve heavy squats, but his least favorite WODs involve Double Unders!!

Daina’s caring and friendly personality is one of the reason’s he became a trainer. He has always been a very caring trainer. He enjoys training others and helping them reach new Personal Records or simply try a movement for the first time. He is patient and explains things thoroughly. He is also a very easy person to approach and talk to. His advice to athletes is “I am here for you, ask questions and know that I will always be patient with you and will do everything in my power to get you where you want to be. I’ll always have ways, tips and tricks to help you train to get where you want to be. All you have to do is ask!”

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