Natalie Armentor

Natalie Armentor

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Natalie Armentor is Co-Owner, Manager, Operations Supervisor, Event Coordinator, and every other position and/or title that is required to operate a successful business. She is the Master of Technology at Ole Glory and deserves the greatest introduction possible. By nature, through her God given talents she has earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Secondary Education with a focus on Social Studies. She is an Educator, a Life Coach, and a true Professional. Before owning and operating Ole Glory, Natalie taught high school juniors and seniors at Westgate High school in New Iberia. Natalie has an affinity for coordinating and organizing. During her Westgate years, she was the Beta Club and Westgate Tour group Sponsor, where she organized trips to Costa Rica, New York, London, Paris, New Zealand, and Australia with up to 15 high school students. Her passion and love for people makes her one of the best Trainers at Ole Glory. If you know her, you love her.

Natalie has always been a health conscious person, even more-so when she married her wonderful, extremely handsome husband Beau. She was a cheerleader and played tennis throughout her high school years, however, did not always enjoy exercise. It wasn’t until she was introduced to the diversity that CrossFit entailed that she became an exercise junkie. Natalie has become one of the most technically proficient Trainers and Athletes in our Ole Glory community. This interest has lead her to educate herself in the sport of fitness. In April 2011 she earned her Level 1 CrossFit Trainer certification and has since obtained her CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Weightlifing, CrossFit Powerlifing, CrossFit Goal Setting, and Trigger Point Therapy Practical Application certifications. Natalie is a CrossFit savant and is pursuing her Level 2 and 3 CrossFit certifications.

Natalie continues to set goals for herself and competes in the annual Pensacola Beach Brawl and Ragin’ Games. She loves visiting CrossFit boxes around the world to find ways to improve her community. Natalie trains mostly morning classes and 1 on 1 Personal Training.

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