Tribbey Thornton

IMG_7314Ole Glory South’s Athlete of the Month for December is Tribbey Thortnon. Tribbey’s CrossFit journey began about six years ago. “Chuck Crochet drug me to Ole Glory for my first CrossFit workout.” He doesn’t quite remember the workout, but does recall doing Turkish Get-Ups with the barbell. A few years later Chris Feldman brought him to Iberia CrossFit which is where he found his motivation to get fit. He stated “that was the last time he (Feldman) beat me in a workout.” I guess you can say Tribbey is a bit competitive in nature.

Although it’s been years since Tribbey started CrossFit, and he feels as if he is slowing down and getting heavier, this is not the case. Even at the age of 52 he is still acquiring new skills. His most recent accomplishment is handstand walking. His next task is learning how to string muscle ups together.IMG_7313

In Tribbey’s everyday life he is married to his wife, Michelle. He is also the father of four to Emily 28, Brock, 26, Cameron 19, and Aliese 16. During the day he is a successful real estate agent and developer. In his free time he enjoys anything outside, fishing, diving and hiking. He also loves to attend music festivals as his son, Brock, or also known as Boogie-T, performs frequently.

In high school he pole vaulted and ran cross country. He has also raced open marathon canoes for years and won a number of state and national titles.

IMG_8922His favorite WOD to date is Murph. “It is what I think of as CrossFit.” Along with Murph, clean and jerks are also his favorite, but if there are weighted lunges in the workout then you can forget about it.

Tribbey is awake and ready to workout at 5:00 AM most mornings. He sure does love his morning crew! They have worked out together for years and are very close. They push each other to do the best they can on each WOD. It’s definitely a family within a family.

For anyone who is interested in trying CrossFit, Tribbey advises you to “stick with it. It will not get easier, but will become part of your being.” The longer you stick with it, the more it will become part of your everyday routine. 

“Everything will be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end.” Congratulations again, Tribbey! Keep up all of your hard work!IMG_7315